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Eosolutions Corp has an incredible team of engineers, world-renowned doctors and technicians, who have worked tirelessly for over 20 years to bring innovative products to the forefront of the industry. Eosolutions has partnered with InNeuroCo, a leading design consulting and contract manufacturing firm to bring Dr. Banner to market.


BGC Balloon Guide Catheter

ID: 0.091in

OD: 0.124in

95cm length

Catheter Dimensions and Specifications

BGC Balloon Side rev B 3kx6k.png

Dr. Banner, 9F is the largest ID Occlusion Guide Catheter on the market today. This feature ensures compatibility with a wide range of intravascular catheters & clot retrieval devices. 

Dr. Banner has a Coaxial Design with a stainless-steel inner member and reinforced two zone polyethylene outer member. These design features provide seamless transitions and support in addition to reliable and fast preparation of the device.  

BGC Balloon Side rev B 3kx6k.png

Balloon Material and Functionality

Dr. Banner BGC uninflated
Dr. Banner BGC inflated

Dr. Banner, is equipped with a soft durometer  supercompliant polyurethane balloon. This innovative design allows the balloon to recover to catheter profile when uninflated or deflated.


The super compliant balloon conforms to the vessel wall making for easy confirmation of the goal: vessel occlusion. 


Continued inflation elongates the balloon, as compared to other competitive Balloon Guide Catheters.

Dr. Banner's soft durometer super-compliant polyurethane balloon occludes vessels of varying size and shape by conforming to the vessel walls.

4.9 mm vessel
4.9mm vessel.png
10.2 mm vessel

Report on file.

Important information: Prior to use, refer to the instructions for use supplied with this device for indications, contraindications, side effects, warnings and precautions.
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